To attack: books & dramas

Anyone victimized by the Book Slump can attest that it is a nasty, mean creature — you can’t see it, but you know–you just know–when it shows up. It’s out there somewhere hunting an unsuspecting Bibliophile, and the instant that person motions toward a book is when it will charge. The weight of it can be felt pressing down, clinging to your back, as it drains you of joy. Of excitement. Of interest. Because guess what? The Book Slump is a goddamn sadist, and it had me cornered and trapped for over a year. What I once viewed as a fun activity or just a method of escaping the real world became feelings of work, yuck, no, avoid avoid avoid.

I returned library books without fuss and restricted my personal collection to its shelves for a long, long time. I can’t say there weren’t warning signs; the Slump didn’t pounce out from nowhere. The distinct non-interest in hoarding more books? Audibly sighing from looking at pages of text? Putting books “on hold” because I’m “totally interested but don’t have time right now”? Overwhelmed by the feeling of Ha ha ha, guess what, I have No Real Motivation To Do Anything? Put a big check by all of those. I spent several months force-reading until I felt repelled from book jackets alone. I crumbled under stress from handing out an enthusiastic “YES!” to too many book-for-review deals and from school burnout, and for my own sanity, I needed it all to stop.

So I quit. No more books and no more school.

But now? With school on indefinite hold, I punched the Book Slump in the face and I’m ready to jump back in, and Sarah’s April Read-A-Thon presents the perfect opportunity. Check it out:

my books


Picking from my own selection, I have About a Boy, the much-recommended The Alchemist, and finally: The Secret Garden. It makes me feel undesirably old if I count the years, but it’s been quite some time since I watched the adaption of Nick Hornby’s novel, but even still? I know I adored it. And yet… A little adoration and infinite recommendations cannot beat the itch to grab The Secret Garden. I can’t say which I will read first, but it’s likely to wind up as my first or second choice–MAYBE my third.

library books

( ˘ ³˘)♥


Next up: Uehashi’s second book in the Moribito series alongside Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane. (Are you checking these two out, too? You should. They look good, and by “good” I mean [drools]

[insert excited heart palpitations here])

attack on titan 2


If you don’t know my emphatic love for SNK then you don’t know me at all.  Yes, I have OBVIOUSLY read the manga all the way up to it’s current chapter. YES I have watched every single episode of the anime, and YES I may be leaning toward round two. That said, I’m working my way through the manga again, absorbing all the details and trying but failing to make sense of the mysterious Ape!Titan and everyone’s theories. If I encounter the need to break away from pages of “just words,” you know what my eyes will be fixed on.

Meanwhile, when I’m not reading, I’m likely to be seen obsessing over these:


49 Days, more like I’m Going to Stab You in the Stomach and then Later in the Chest Ha Ha Ha


These have nothing to do with the April Read-A-Thon, but just like my feelings over SNK: if you don’t know the severity of my K-drama addiction, then you really don’t know me. I have not watched and finished a single “good” drama in over a year, and that’s one year too long. I’m ready to approach 49 Days for the second time (you aren’t making me cry again, 49 Days, I’d like to see you try) while Something Happened in Bali is stepping into unknown territory.

Hey, it should be an all right week…!


3 thoughts on “To attack: books & dramas

    1. Raya Post author

      Hi! Yes, I’m super excited about this read-a-thon even more so since I’m looking forward to my book selection. Here’s to a happy reading week! c:

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