What I read for the April read-a-thon: a very belated update (among other things)

What I mean to do is in the habit of becoming what I meant to do, or more like, “I meant to SOMETHING but did NOTHING.” Oops. Did last week really happen? Can I get it back? I intended to update with my final status regarding the April read-a-thon but instead chose to immerse myself in other projects–but more on those later. First, let’s talk books.

I was sugar-high ecstatic to participate in the read-a-thon, and I didn’t think I could hold out until the start date. I wanted to start right now–you have to understand, I just came out of The Worst Book Slump of My Life and discovered that I can read again! I can read again because I’m enjoying it, which is exciting news for someone who previously force-read books and felt increasingly bitter about it with every page flip. But, I swallowed my eagerness and waited with two goals:

  1. read at least three books
  2. enjoy

books read

I am pleased to say that the only trouble I ran into was picking which book to read first, and in the end, I grabbed the book with the smallest page count: The Ocean at the End of the Lane. This is one book I could have sat down with and sped though in a couple of hours, but I couldn’t do that. Not with this book. I was loving my time with Lettie and Unnamed Narrator (but mostly Lettie), and it hit me: it’s all fun and games–until I tread into climax territory and have a panic attack.  I dragged this book out over the course of several days, dragging it further by refusing to finish. The Ocean at the End of the Lane could go one of two ways, I realized: the happy end or the sad end. Fast forward: with the fear of another book emotionally destroying me conquered, I found that it’s neither happy nor sad but is strangely a bit of both with a side of contentment. For the rest of the night and the following day, I let Gaiman’s book sink in and digest–and then afterward? I jumped into Moribito II: Guardian of the Darkness.

I cannot express in words how much and how dearly I love this series, but let’s say if I possessed art skills, I’d spend eternity crafting beautiful fanart. I read Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit earlier this year and felt wonderfully surprised by how Nahoko Uehashi–and thanks to Cathy Hirano’s translations–painted an entire, well-detailed world inside my head. The anime adaption (based on the first book) caught my attention when it aired on Adult Swim back in 2008. Having said that, I knew the Moribito I plot before I went near the summary, but Moribito II is walking into the unknown, and for that, I read the second book with greater thrill. At the same time, it is the last book in the series that the publisher chose to translate. Sigh. (My pain spans the entire universe and not even black holes hold the power to consume it completely.)

So I didn’t reach my goal of three books, but that’s okay–I read, which is an accomplishment by itself, and I enjoyed what I read (even better!). So that leaves the K-dramas I mentioned last time. I… made zero progress. Between A Gentleman’s Dignity (written by Kim Eun-Sook, writer of Secret Garden and Heirs) and the read-a-thon, I couldn’t spare time for 49 Days or What Happened in Bali. While I have already seen 49 Days, it looks like Bali has just earned a spot on the long list of dramas I’ll watch “someday…” In the mean time, you can bet I’m finishing off Kim Do Jin’s and Seo Yi Soo’s romance story. (Let’s go, Kim Eun-Sook! Heirs might be–or no, is–a dry, lesser version of Boys Over Flowers with ugly sweaters by about 80%, but I saw Secret Garden and reserve my faith. It’s only a question of what she will write next.)

Otherwise, I will be–and have been–busy preparing for Love Letters to the Dead week on Tumblr — June 1st through June 7th! This is part of the reason I didn’t get to writing this post last week. I am part of the Fierce Reads Street Team and will post original Love Letters content. In return, us Street Teamers will be sent eight books signed by the authors! I mean, books are great. But signed books are on a different, special level that receives much doting on my behalf. But that’s not all–

Late last week, I searched for and hunted music for days — I found a variety of great OSTs, artists, and songs, but not all made the cut to create this:

tanya 1

Listen to school food punishment, etc. on 8tracks! A tracklist link is provided.

Happy belated birthday to my friend and fellow blogger, Tanya! I hope she enjoys the mix, and for anyone interested in hearing some good Japanese indie-rock and pop music — check it out here on 8tracks!



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