Books for the JUNE Read-A-Thon

Sarah at treesofreverie is hosting another awesome read-a-thon, running from June 16th through July 1st — two weeks of readingreadingreading! I’m off to a late start and likely won’t finish my first book within the next couple of days, but I feel no less excited about parking some of these under my read shelf:

my books

You can say I’m excitably anxious to (start and) finish Battle Royale and Airman, but my biggest obstacle in making that goal reality is my shameful lack of motivation. (Sigh.) I started Takami’s book months back and progressed up to part two before I not quite called it quits but decided this is for a later time and said I’ll finish it… someday, avoiding the film adaption like I avoid cake. Which is to say that I won’t go within an arm’s reach of that film, for now, in fear that I will spoil myself.

Likewise, Airman also has a film adaption, but set to release in 2015 (if all goes as planned), and I will be damned if I don’t read it by then. With my wandering attention span, I can only hope.

shojo manga

Just when I think my shojo addiction is almost dead, it returns (uh, but with half the force). And, frankly, after the emotional blow from Shingeki no Kyojin‘s chapter 58 cliffhanger, I can use some nice fluff. Here I’ve got the first five volumes of Lovely Complex, vol. 18 of Kimi ni Todoke, and vol. 1 & 13 of High School Debut. Having already read High School Debut, this is a re-read to freshen my memory in hopes that the library grabs onto the extra chapters that were released after the manga ‘ended.’ (And also because I want my own scans.) Otherwise, I did see the Lovely Complex anime, and while it’s not without flaws, its charm is difficult to resist — a quality I expect the manga shares. Vol. 18 of Kimi ni Todoke, meanwhile, is the latest translated volume in the series. The two adorable but (let’s admit) dumb Sawako and Shota wear on me, but… This is vol. 18 — I didn’t read this far to quit now.

I’ve also started Akagami no Shirayuki-hime by Sorata Akizuki (not pictured)! Seemingly loosely based around the Snow White fairy tale, Akagami no Shirayuki-hime comes with much praise from its fanbase, and I’m told it’s “a hidden gem” among the piles of typical shojo. I guess I will see…

blue exorcist vol. 6 & 7

The manga binge, continued! Slowly, I am reading my way through Kazue Kato’s Blue Exorcist, which so far has surpassed my expectations but does, at times, let me down in little ways. That aside, the series is huge eye candy, and I love my manga drawn well. There is no denying Kato’s talent in intricate designs, giving off a simple but skilled impression art-wise. I’m up to vol. 7 at the moment!

if i stay

If I Stay: a big, big maybe-read. My admiration and yearning to read YA literature went from a burning-hot fire pit to a dying candle flame. Books like Airman are an exception, because while they target the YA audience, I have enough faith in them to avoid typical YA cliches that so many fall victim to. Even with a movie release on its way, I’m not terribly excited to start this one. On the other hand, it sounds perfect for the part of me that craves having her heart smashed from drama and romance.

I’d say I’ve got enough books to last me the whole read-a-thon, but the real question is: Will Ruin & Rising arrive on time?! The book came out today (6/17), and with my copy pre-ordered (and an expired B&N membership *cough*nofreeexpresshipping*cough*), I am waiting… impatiently…


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