June & July read-a-thon updates

Here we are five days post-June read-a-thon, and as much as I’d like to share a decent number of read books, I have very few. A week long headache topped with chaos erupted during the last two weeks of June, which left me feeling more inclined to crash than read. There is a July read-a-thon about to start — this time lasting a whopping twenty-two days — and I hope to take advantage and make up for my lack of participation in June.

readathon 1

So, my manga binge! About that. It never took off. After soaking in praise bestowed to Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (not pictured), I took a chance on this shoujo series and walked away to drown in disappointment. A review is on its way, so I won’t elaborate, but suffice it to say that my expectations were too high. With busy days weighing down and my first go-to book a bust, indifference–and, ultimately–book aversion crept in. Even with better manga at my disposal: Lovely Complex, Vol. 1 (re-read) and Attack on Titan: Junior High, Vol 1 (partially read). Aya Nakahara didn’t fail me in the slightest, but I somehow couldn’t bring myself to read past the first volume. Boooo, Raya.

I had other books in mind, too: Battle Royale and Airman. I’m annoyed to say that I finished neither. Whether or not this stemmed from aversion or if I was too anxious to get a hold of my Ruin & Rising copy, I’m unsure. At most, I read a chapter or two from Battle Royale and poked through Airman‘s prequel at ten words an hour. Well, maybe another day… Through most of the read-a-thon, luck and time weren’t on my side, but ibuprofen and a delayed Ruin & Rising delivery were. By the time Leigh Bardugo’s book came, I was ready to rip through it on the spot.

readathon 2

Here’s the book I’d been craving since a year prior when I reached Siege & Storm‘s end. This is the book I had high, high hopes for. This is the book whose author I put complete faith in to write a killer story and leave me wrecked. Does it live up to my expectations or did I drop it in the same pile as Akagami no Shirayuki-hime? Neither — I intend to review Ruin & Rising once I’ve sorted out my feelings, but I had been banking on one of two specific conclusions. So much so that I grew to admire how these alternate endings diverge from the one Leigh gives.

So all in all, that leaves me with… three read books! Only one of which was full-on text. Ouch. Maybe, hopefully, July will be better…

ll 1

I don’t have specific titles in mind for this month, but I know what I have an appetite for and I’m craving fantasy and bad-ass characters. Recently having raided the library, I have the above pictured books with Anne Ursu’s Breadcrumbs and Richard Harland’s Worldshaker. From my own selection, I have Crown Duel and Fly By Night to consider — best of luck to those two, as I’m known for choosing library loans over my own books. every. single. time.


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