TBR: The Ghost Bride

A small update!

It’s been a several weeks since the last post, and unfortunately, a last minute work-related mess bombed me (followed back-to-back by Thanksgiving , my birthday, and a few other minor incidences). On the bright side: the mess is resolved, I survived, & this blog is ready for its regular schedule. Even so, drama reviews I’d hoped to write can’t write themselves, and I’m swamped—if time can allow it, these won’t be done until after New Year’s.

However! There will be two end-of-the-year recommendation posts published during the last week of December. Due to my complete lack of reading new publications, and the deficit of favorite 2014 reads, these lists won’t include books—but! You can find my favorite 2014 reads here. It’s short with only six titles, but I hope Yangsze Choo’s historical supernatural fantasy The Ghost Bride will join the list.


Starting next week I’ll begin buddy-reading Choo’s book, and having started The Ghost Bride once before, I know it’s a slow one to savor. Its story arises from the foundation of ghost marriages, a folk tradition in which both parties become bound through marriage. Reasons for ghost marriages vary, but some are performed when one partner has passed yet the other remains living—as is the case with our protagonist Li Lan. But for Li Lan, she neither knew nor was engaged to her dead suitor, and although her prospects look bleak, she rejects the idea of becoming a ghost bride. If only it were that simple…

Perhaps things might have been better had my mother not died during the same outbreak, leaving me behind at the tender age of four. The small pox passed me by with only one scar behind my left ear. At the time, a fortuneteller predicted that I would be lucky, but perhaps he was simply being optimistic.

“Yes, it is you that they want.”

“Why me?”

Updates will be posted at twitter, tumblr, and goodreads.


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