the blogger:
Time-waster, caffeine consumer, book nerd, K-drama addict. Add those together and you have me: Raya, the twenty-something “adult.” My favorite thing besides Stash white chai black tea is falling asleep to the sound of nighttime rain. (And also eating cookies, but being around cats is nice, too.) Real-word diversions I enjoy include an unhealthy dose of TV and books, as well as a moderate amount of music and drinking lots of tea. I’m kind to abbreviations, adore the ampersand, and I love to disregard proper capitalization and punctuation outside of the blogosphere. Typos, however, are a sad flaw worsened by even sadder vision wherever the keyboard takes me.

the blog:
Vagenda Implied is where my interests mesh, namely that of TV and books, in the form of general banter and reviews. My reading habits remain eclectic and range anywhere from classic literature to YA fiction and a truckload of manga. The same can be said for my taste in film but with a heavy predilection for Korean dramas (and a side helping of Japanese). Any promise of a good foreign film makes my heart go boom-boom, though I’m most easily enticed by Asian cinematography and I will love the heck out of a great anime.

Aside from this blog, you can catch me at theairtwit or one of my two side blogs: bookantic & miriaharventing. Anyone is also free to stalk my occasionally-updated twitter and say hi!

If needed, I can be contacted at theairtwit(at)gmail(dot)com.

2 thoughts on “about

  1. Mariam

    hi raya! haha actually I disregard proper capitalization and punctuation on twitter a lot sne sometimes on my blog not that I dont know how to do it properly just that i feel like I want to write like I talk lol. but also cuz I save my proper-ness (propriety) for work emails and letters and that is enough propriety for me.

    1. Raya Post author

      hi! same here — I’ve been typing in lower case (and disregarding some basic punctuation) for so long that using ‘proper’ capitalization & punctuation feels strange. I know it bothers some people but as long as I stick to Proper Typing in academic and professional settings, I’m all good.


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