rating system

5 hearts

This is 100% perfect and likely to stay on my favorites shelf. I may attack others by aggressively recommending it, so stay alert.

4. hearts

It came close, but it has roughly 95% of my love — flaws included. I still highly recommend checking this out.

4 hearts

So it didn’t completely win me over but I enjoyed it immensely, and I may never stop fawning.

3.5 hearts

It kept me entertained from beginning to end, but it has even more potential to be something greater than what it is.

3 hearts

It’s got issues but it’s got heart and means well. It may or may not be crack-addicting.

2.5 hearts

This may contain addicting elements or some entertainment value, but it falls flat despite its potential.

2 hearts

You don’t impress me much. Or at all.

1.5 hearts

I may dislike it with zealous passion, but it’s not the absolute worst.

1 heart

The suffering this inflicted tested and wrung me dry of patience. I deserve an award for pulling through.

0.5 heart

I found a new torturing device.

0 hearts


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